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Lip blushing is a kind of tattoo that enhances and defines the natural look of your lips. You can get a lip blush to improve, even out the natural color of your lips, or even add some color if your lips lack a pigment. When you undergo a lip blushing procedure, your lips appear darker and more like you have put on lipstick on the first day, then soften as they heal to become a natural-looking lip color. With that, the only thing you have to apply is a clear lip gloss or balm, and you have perfect-looking lips.

The question is, can you wear lipstick after lip blushing? Remember that you should wear nothing on the treated area until it is completely healed. The only thing you can use is the aftercare product the doctor prescribes after the procedure. So that means no lipstick or creams until your lips are completely healed.

What to expect after lip blushing

When you undergo the lip blush procedure, you experience mild brushing, swelling, and redness in the first week or five days. The lips may appear darker than you expect, but that is only for the first days, and they fade to a natural tint after some time. After treatment, it is also normal to develop scabbing and dry skin, but you should not pick at them to avoid disrupting the color.

 You should dab your lips with sterile gauze.

After a day, you can clean the area with mild-warm water using a non-alcohol soap. You should do it by applying the soapy solution on the sterile gauze, then bloat four to five times to clean your lips using patting motions only.

Avoid scrubbing, rubbing, scratching, or wiping. You should bloat your lips dry because moisture can attract germs. Then apply the aftercare product as directed by the doctor. When you sleep, you might notice that the crust has dried on the lips. Do not pull or disturb the crust when cleaning. It would be best if you let it fall by itself to avoid pigment loss.

How long does it take to heal?

It takes a week for your lips to heal entirely, but you can resume your normal activities after the procedure. Lips may be tender on the first or two days after the process, so you can drink using a straw. Also, only eat foods you can place directly into your mouth with a fork without touching the lips. It is good to avoid hot liquids, spicy foods, acidic foods, salty foods, or alcohol for the next 48hours after the procedure.

You should apply the aftercare product for 3weeks after the procedure or up to when you see no more scabs. After that, you need to use the appropriate sunblock for the lips and a good lip balm to protect the pigment.

in conclusion

As you can see, lip blushing is not a complicated procedure. You only have to follow the doctor’s aftercare instructions to ensure your lips heal properly. You should only apply the aftercare product and a lips sunblock until your lips are completely healed.

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