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Don’t Make These Mistakes When Choosing Dresses for Your Flower Girls

If you are having a wedding soon, you will need to take care of the flower girls. Besides you, these little angels will be the center of attention on the big day. You will, therefore, need to ensure they are well-prepared. One of the most essential things for flower girls is their dresses. You need to be careful when choosing little girls dresses if you want the little angels to feel special and confident. Here are mistakes you should not make when choosing the dresses.

  1. Choosing Long Gowns

You may choose long dresses for the bridesmaids but when it comes to the little ones, try going short. Consider the size of each girl, and don’t choose long gowns since they increase the chances of falling. Furthermore, a long dress will look messy if the girl has to struggle between looking pretty and not stepping on her beautiful dress. So, choose a dress with the right length depending on the height of the girl to ensure it is comfortable enough.

  1. Shopping Too Early

If you don’t want to get frustrated on the morning of your wedding day, don’t shop early for the dress. You can buy yours early but for the girls, buy them closer to the wedding day. Kids tend to grow fast, and what fits them well today may be smaller the next month. So, buy the dresses five days before the wedding to ensure they still fit.

  1. Choosing Well-Fitting Dresses

A dress may be well-fitting but not comfortable for the girl. So, instead of going for a nice fit, choose a comfortable dress. As mentioned earlier, children grow fast. Therefore, buy something she can wear for a couple of years before she outgrows it. Consider the weather when buying the dresses. Choose long-sleeved dresses if your wedding is in winter or light and short-sleeved dresses for summer, and don’t forget to add glamour.

  1. Going All-White

Many brides tend to choose white dresses for flower girls to resemble their gowns. However, this may not the best choice for little girls. You can choose a different color but make sure the dresses have accessories and additions that complement the bride’s gown. Furthermore, children tend to get messy, and a white dress will make it worse.

  1. Not Considering Fabric

The fabric of the flower girl’s dresses should complement the wedding aesthetics. However, don’t buy heavy, itchy, and stiff fabrics. Choose something they will be comfortable in. since they will move a lot during the day, don’t go for a fabric that easily wrinkles, or rips. You can buy a satin dress since the material is comfortable and durable. Avoid materials like silk since they easily tear and are costly, even though they are very comfortable.


Flower girls hold a special part of the wedding ceremony. They are the center of attention before the bride walks down the aisle. Therefore, they should be elegant and cute throughout the day. At the same time, the little ones should be comfortable in what they wear. So, when choosing their dresses, avoid making the mistakes mentioned above.

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