Gold Bangles: A Rich Abode Of Heritage In India!

Gold bangles have been a symbol of marriage for women in India. It has held a true significance as part of their married life. And therefore a majority of women in India do not let a single moment pass by where they haven’t adorned the bangles. And in this regards, gold bangles have been a huge hit.

Gold bangles, particularly the yellow gold ones, have been a symbol of tradition, art and culture. And therefore there are several variants of it available for the people to choose from. Dig into the traditions and find what suits you the best.

Pacheli Bangles

The Pacheli Bangles come from the colourful state of Rajasthan. These are bangles that are wide and are filled with embellishments like pearls, diamonds, stones etc. The bangles also have meenakari work and traditional motif designs on them. The broad design makes it suitable to be worn in a pair of two. These are generally worn with other glass and lac bangles.

Pichodi Bangles

Typically worn by the women of Maharashtra the pichodi bangles are the purest i.e. 24k gold. They have a base of copper for giving it a sturdy look. These generally are colourful and end up with the peacock design or traditional inspirations. Quite thick and wide, the bangles have been very popular all over India now. A sleek version of the Pichodi bangles is the Toda which come with similar designs in gold but are embossed with different colours and designs. These are purchasd generally in a pair of two!

Havalla Kattu

A heritage from the Manglorean culture, the Havalla Kattu brings together the gold design with the use of coral beads. The coral beads are pure and procured typically from the Mediterranean sea. They are also known as coral bangles.


These are gold bangles that depict different forms of arts and designs on the bangles. These are the basic ones that are quite popular amongst all religions in India. They depict different forms of arts, motifs, styles etc to make it suite women of all origins.


Made of metals like yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the kadas which are adorned by men and women equally. They have a hollow back which has to be filled with lac to get greater comfort. The kadas are extremely designer pieces which can be paired with just about anything to create a new look.

Gold bangles aren’t just style statements but investments. You can customize your own with the suitable weight of gold, design, size and of course the use of metals.

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