Men’s Hats: Crucial Aspects to Look at When Buying One

If you are a man, adding a hat to your outfit can have a big impact on your entire look. It could break it or transform it in a better way. You may have heard someone say, “I don’t look good in hats”. This is not true. The only reason you may feel you don’t look good when wearing a hat is that you have chosen the wrong one. If you have been buying the wrong kind of hat, here are aspects to guide you on your next purchase.

  • Types of Hats

Before you buy a hat, you should know the different types and the best one for you. You can choose among men’s fedora hats, cowboy, Panama, beanie, cloche, bucket hats, among others. So, it is crucial to know these types to narrow down your search to the hat that fits you best.

  • Size

Just like you buy your clothes, you need to know that hats come in different sizes. Therefore, you should know the right size, depending on the size of your head. Simply, place a tape measure around your head. Make sure the tape passes right over your ears and your mid-forehead. After getting the size, use it to look for the right hat.

  • Brims

This is probably the first aspect you should look at when buying a hat. Brims come in wide, short, and medium sizes. Remember, the brim plays a vital role in how you look when you wear the hat. If you are a slim person, a hat with a wide brim will make you look shorter. So, it is best to wear a hat with a medium brim and a long crown. In short, choose the brim size based on your body size and face shape.

  • Face Shape

When buying your next hat, consider the shape of your face. A large and straight hat will look great on all faces. However, for a heart face, you can select a flared or medium brim hat. Avoid hats with long crowns if you have a long face. It will make the face look leaner and longer. Instead, choose a low crown hat.

  • Color

The color of the hat matters too. Remember, the hat is close to your face and eyes. Therefore, it is best to select colors that match the skin tone. Pick a color that will bring out your beautiful facial characteristics. Remember the color of the hat should also match your outfit.

  • Weather

Have you come across a person wearing a wool hat on a sunny day? They might be feeling too warm, or they are just comfortable. Hats are designed for both cold and hot weather and that means different fabrics. So, if you want to wear the hat during the cold season, a wool hat will do. However, for summer days, choose a straw hat for sun protection.

The Tips!

Before buying the hat, it is crucial to go through the things mentioned above to determine the best one for you. Choose a hat with the right size, shape, fabric, color, and style to bring out your best facial features.

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