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The Vaping King

Since the invention of the e-cigarette, vaping has taken off as the new platform for nicotine consumption. Touted as a healthier alternative to traditional smoking, these smokeless cigarettes have introduced new technology to an old habit. These new devices have diversified since their inception, giving rise to the vape pod, the Juul, and the vape pen. All these small devices offer safer access to nicotine while also having the added benefit of being able to transfer more flavour with each puff. The juices used in the device are packed with flavouring that can be customised. Want some blueberry? Put a blueberry-flavoured load into the device. Want strawberry? Insert strawberry. It increases options so that consumers are more satisfied.

Where Can I Get One?

Most e-cigarettes and related devices are sold in storefronts, though the best place to find them, as with most things, is online. Online stores offer a wide variety of devices, kits, and accessories in one place, which is more than any traditional store can offer unless they are a dedicated vape shop. One such online store is http://www.vapeking.com.au/. Based in Sydney, they offer a wide range of brands, including their own. As far as dedicated online shops are concerned, Vape King is proving to be the best around in terms of variety and affordability.

I Already Smoke Traditionally, Why Would I Spend More?

The major benefit of e-cigarettes is their reusability. Of course, an electronic cigarette is going to be more expensive than a pack of cigarettes but the more expensive cigarette will last longer than a pack. The variety, as well, offers more options. With a pack, there are several cigarettes with the same flavour. With an e-cigarette, flavours are interchangeable; thus, one e-cigarette is worth multiples of several different flavours of cigarettes.

Is it Really Healthier?

The big fear in terms of health when talking about cigarettes is cancer. Do e-cigarettes reduce the risk of cancer? The short answer is no. It is not the smoke from a cigarette that causes cancer; it is the plethora of chemicals found within cigarettes that cause cancer. E-cigarettes and other vaping tools do not get rid of these chemicals and, in many cases, they increase the amount within the concentrated fluid. That said, there is one disease that often kills faster than any cancer that e-cigarettes do alleviate. That is black lung, also known as smoker’s lung. The pictures of blackened, shrivelled lungs show this disease, not cancer. Black lung occurs when particles from smoke inhalation infect the bronchial tubes and the air sacs within the lung. These particles displace the air inside the lungs and sap the moisture from the delicate tissues, thus drying up the lungs and making it harder for them to inflate. With the lack of smoke from an e-cigarette, this disease is done away with. So, are e-cigarettes overall better than traditional cigarettes? The short answer is yes.

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