10 Ways To Promote Your New Product

The next great product is sitting on your shelf, ready for future customers. One of the hardest parts of entrepreneurship is attracting the right eyes and ears at an opportune time. Smart promotional plans can make a world of difference. Think about why you created your product and the audience for which it was developed. Your marketing efforts can be truly successful and launch your business to the next level. Consider the following ways to effectively promote your new product.

  1. Holiday Sales

Customers are often more willing to try fresh items or invest in new ideas around the holidays. Budgets tend to be higher at times when festive cheer and gift exchanges are in the air. Create cyber monday promotions to draw in customers who appreciate good deals on high-quality items. Back to school deals are effective for similar reasons.

  1. Introductory Deals

Offer an introductory discount or trial period for your most popular new items. You can send out discount codes to new customers when they sign up for a company mailing list. Automate this process for faster turnarounds and expedient customer service. It can be helpful to monitor a customer service email account for questions from prospective buyers. Customers who feel like they can try your product without risk may be more willing to complete their purchase or eventually come back for more.

  1. Social Media Collaborations 

Foster lucrative social media partnerships with complimentary brands and current influencers. Consider offering influencers free products or monetary compensation for positive promotion across their platforms. Brand partnerships can be effective in reaching wider audiences that have similar interests and motivations. Think about running a product giveaway in partnership with other brands to help get eyes on your product and grow your social media following.

  1. YouTube Advertisements 

YouTube advertisements benefit from the use of advanced algorithms that place your brand’s content in front of the right viewers. Film and edit short videos that communicate information about your brand’s ethos and why your new product is exciting. The cost of advertisements can vary based on whether you hire freelance creators to craft professional content or whether you learn how to do it yourself.

  1. Local News

Reach out to local news stations, radio shows, and newspapers. You may feature in human interest or business pieces about local entrepreneurs. Morning shows frequently feature gift guides and other fun content that your product might fit into, at no cost to you.

  1. Instagram Advertisements

Still or video advertisements on Instagram are integrated into personal content on each individual’s daily feed. Growing your social media organically may be the best way to find a loyal customer base, but targeted ads allow you to push new products into the busy online marketplace.

  1. Trade Shows

Take your show on the road and present your innovative product at trade shows. This is a nice way to make longterm business connections and find larger distributors. Use this time to refine your pitch and find inspiration.

  1. Special Interest Fairs

Set up a booth at a wellness fair, tech showcase, wedding expo, or other special interest convention. A special interest event is a great place to connect with a specific customer base on a personal level and show them your product up close.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Enable established customers to sign up for your affiliate marketing program, through which they can make a modest commission for selling your product. Affiliates promote your business on social media and through word of mouth. Such a program taps into the well of a strong community or social network with minimal overhead for your operation.

  1. Postcard Mailers

A good postcard mailer grabs the receiver’s attention immediately. Postcards can be effective because they do not require any additional effort to open and can make use of distinct branded imagery. Include your introductory promotional code on each mailer.

Invest in your business and build a promising future by embracing creative marketing practices. Believe in your product and use your skills to bring others on to your team.

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