How To Choose The Best Pomade For Your Hair

When choosing any hair product, you need to understand the texture of your hair first and what works for it. In case you don’t know your hair type, you can visit any hair salon of your choice and allow them to examine your hair; when this is done, it will be easier for you to buy any form of hair product, including pomade for your hair. Pomade was derived from the French word pomme,  which means ointment. The pomade comes in several states, and every product has its purpose. Some of the products include clay, creme and wax. Moreover, the product is made in two ways: water-based pomade and oil-based pomade, so the first thing is to know your hair, and then you can see if you will go for the water-based pomade or the oil-based one. In this article, we will discuss some of the various types of pomade to consider.

Some of the types of pomade to consider include the following;

  • Cream pomade

Cream pomades are great for your hair because they have a healthy benefit tied to them that lightens your hair and gives it volume as well. Creams shouldn’t be too sticky on the hair, primarily for people who love to run their fingers in their hair. When this product was made, all this was included in the products used to make it, and the manufacturers ensured the cream pomade didn’t have a lot of styling products.

  • Wax pomade

Just from the name, wax pomade has been made using wax. Most hair waxes are associated with petroleum-based, slicked back. Resin can be used by people who have a lot of hair and those who don’t have a lot of hair as well. The only disadvantage of using wax is that it contains a lot of toxins, and when you use cheap products that contain wax, you’ll end up damaging your hair.

Things to consider when choosing the suitable pomade for your hair

  • What hairstyle are you going for

The most important thing to consider when choosing any form of hair pomade is the hairstyle you’re going for. If you don’t want your hair shiny, opt for a matte pomade instead of something shiny. If you are not going for a polished look, you should go for the clay pomade, which is excellent for all styles.

  • For slick hair

If you’re going for a slick finish that compliments a quiff hairstyle, you need to use the gel pomade. The best pomade is the classic firm-hold gel pomade that has a water-soluble component in it. Moreover, it has unique hair ingredients, like argon oil and vitamin E. Another advantage of this product is that if you start losing your hair’s shine, you could just run water across it, and it will regain its shine.


If you’re a person who loves to make your hair and style it in various forms, this article serves you right. You earn the different types of pomade that work for your hair.

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