5 Clothing Items You Can Wear To Gym Or Work – And Look Great!

If you’re like most people, your wardrobe is full of items that you can only wear in certain contexts. You might have a fancy dress that can be great for a party, but it’s not appropriate for work. Or you might have a blazer for work, but it’s too formal for the gym. To look great, shop for women’s activewear from Lilias Active. They have a wide collection of workout attires that can be worn in different contexts.

Here are five clothing items that can be worn to the gym or to work;

1. Scrunch Leggings

Scrunch leggings look like regular leggings, but they have a hidden benefit. Their fabric is thicker in the knee-to-calf area than at the waist, making them ideal for wearing while working out. The thicker material will provide more support and prevent your pants from getting caught on a treadmill or elliptical machine. Plus, they’ll keep you looking chic while you exercise.

2. Longline Sports Bra

Sports bras are great for working out, but what about wearing them atwork? The key is to find a longline version that’s minimally constructed. You’ll want to avoid thick seams or embellishments that would be distracting in the office. A plain black or white bra will do wonders in a uniform office environment, or you could choose something with a striking pattern or color that compliments your unique aesthetic. You might also consider wearing your longline sports bra under a fitted button-down shirt tucked in, or out to add curves and shapes where you might not naturally have them.

3. Ribbed Crop Tank

A ribbed crop tank can be worn on its own at the gym, or under a jacket or sweater at work. The ribbed texture adds interest without being overwhelming, the cropped fit flatters your shape, and the lightweight material is perfect for layering.

4. Ribbed Biker Shorts

Ribbed bike shorts  are a good choice if you are looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of shorts that you can wear almost year-round. What are ribbed biker shorts? These shorts are designed with a ribbed pattern that not only looks stylish but also provides excellent comfort by hugging your thighs and offering support. Ribbed biker shorts have become a popular style of shorts for many men and women.

5. Hoodies

Don’t just think of hoodies as casual wear. They can also be great for working out or running errands around town, especially if you’ve got them in multiple colors. If you’re feeling particularly sporty that day, maybe even throw on a baseball cap and call it good.


If you want to look good and feel comfortable working out, the trick is finding a balance between the two. No one wants to be the person in your spinning class who’s wearing an ill-fitting, unflattering outfit distracting everyone from their workout. Achieving this ideal is easier said than done, but you can make it happen with the right pieces in your closet and the helpful tips we listed above.


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