Everything you Need to Know About Sable Fur

The sable is a tiny member of the Mustelidae class and a marten species. These animals are mainly available in Russia and some neighboring countries. These animals have a high population, even though it reduces due to excess hunting.

Sable fur has been cherished for a long time and produces finely tinted coats. This fur has been a priced commodity from ancient times and was only worn by Russian nobles. Fur coats are elegant and timeless in winter, and sable coats are among the most common.

Below we discuss everything you need to know about these coats.

How to Know Whether they are Real

There are many types of fur coats, but you might buy a fake one if you are not keen. It is hard to distinguish real from counterfeit sable coats today, requiring someone with a keen eye. Below we discuss how you can determine whether your sable coat is authentic.

  • Touch test

The best way to determine whether the fur is authentic is by feeling the fur. High-quality fur is softer, and you should avoid hard designs. Buyers can pretty much tell the difference by touching the material. Fake fur is made using synthetic fabrics like polyester and plastic, making it feel hard.

  • Hair test

Buyers are advised to know that hairs on legitimate coats are thin, unlike those in hard ones. High-quality sable fur coats should have a soft touch feel, like human hair.

  • Burn test

After determining that your coat is 100% pure, the next step should be removing some strands and lighting them with a lighter. Real fur smells like burnt hair when burned, while fake ones smell like plastic. However, it would help if you did not try this in a store unless the owner authorized you.

  • Lining test

The lining test also plays a significant role in determining whether your sable coat fur is real, but you should also not conduct it in the store. Specific coats have an opening or zipper, enabling you to access them from the inside.

However, you can make big holes; suppose they lack an opening to feel the interior.

Most Common Sable Fur Coats

The most common sable fur coats include;

  • Tortora Coat

The Tortora jacket is a classic design that complements almost all outfits. This coat can be worn for formal or informal events and is readily available. Its interior is made using silk, giving users warmth and softness.

This coat has a stand collar that provides a touch of elegance and style.

  • Barguzin Coat

The Barguzin coat is another classic design that is common due to its versatility and beauty. This coat has a dark interior and also matches almost all outfits.

Its interior is made using 100% silk, providing extra suavity and comfort. It also has a zipper closure and a standup collar.

Final Thoughts

Sable fur coats have become increasingly common due to their beauty and versatility. The above article has discussed everything you should know about it, and more information is available online.

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