Probably, you won’t know what charger plates are unless you work in the wedding or events industry or do a lot of entertaining. Charger plate is just a plate used for decoration and can also be used as a service plate or under plate.

Other dinnerware is placed on charger plates during formal occasions like catered events, weddings, luxury parties, banquets, or fine dining establishments. They serve as a decorative centerpiece in serving meals that include several courses.

Besides adding elegance and enhancing the table design in a fine dining venue, charger plates help protect against tablecloth stains when serving food.

The plates can catch food scraps and prevent spillage that would otherwise smear onto the table or stain the tablecloth. And since they are placed directly under plates and bowls, chargers also help keep the heat in dinnerware.

Other uses for charger plates

Charger plates do not only serve as a dinner plate holder. Here are some of their alternative uses for your next event:

  • Use charger plates as a tray or platter to serve bite-sized appetizers or desserts. Make sure to cover them with a doily or a linen napkin when they come into contact with food.
  • To make a classy centerpiece, group pillar candles together on a charger.
  • You can also place flower centerpieces on charger plates to enhance an event styling.

How to use charger plates

If you’re unfamiliar with charger plates, it could be helpful to get some explanation on how to use one properly.

Choose your charger plates wisely.

Pick charger plates that will enhance your dining table’s décor and the atmosphere of your overall event by adding visual intrigue. When selecting wholesale charger plates, keep in mind the kind of plates, bowls, drink glasses, silverware, serving platters, and linens you intend to use.

Remember to take into consideration the charger plate’s immediate surroundings, including the tablecloth, fabric overlays, flower arrangements, and centerpieces.

Set the table

Set the table by placing a charger at each visitor’s appropriate place setting. Place it on the tablecloth or placemat, between the flatware. Charger plates should be two feet apart to provide guests ample room for their elbows.

Synchronize the tabletop decoration

Place menu cards, napkins with napkin rings, or name cards in the center of the charger plate before the dinner service.

Serve your visitors

When the guests are ready for meals, soup bowls, salad plates, and dinner entrees are put directly on the charger plate. Note that the charger plates should be clean at all times. Charger plates should be cleaned or changed after each course.

The bottom line

Charger plates can make a table set up attractive in any events, from weddings, vow renewal, or birthdays. CV Linens contributes to the concept and the style of your entire theme and decor. You can buy the plates in various designs, sizes, and materials, like glass, china, wood, and metal.

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