The Fashion Appeal of Designer Sunglasses

It is hard to think of sunglasses without thinking of high fashion. Ever since they first became common amongHollywood actors in the 1930s, sunglasses have been inextricably linked to glitz and glamour. There is no getting away from this, and even the most utilitarian pair of sunglasses designed for some specific purpose will have fashion appeal factored in at the design stage.

This has the effect of obscuring just how much sunglasses are highly practical products, which are all but essential items in certain situations. For example, sunglasses look great, but they also protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays, they help with dangerous glare when you’re behind the wheel, and they are also useful for winter sports where the glint off snow can be blinding. Truly, sunglasses are very practical thingsbut there is no getting away from the fashion appeal either.

Sunglasses and the Association with Utility

It is also the case that certain types of sunglasses are associated more with fashion than others. And it’s easy to see which ones are more commonly associated with utility. Think about it, you’re driving along on a summer’s day, the clouds part, and suddenly you’re contending with direct sunlight as you arecruising down the road – that’s a dangerous situation.

But what do you do? Well, you stop at the first convenience store you find and pop in to pick up a pair – or a few pairs – of discount sunglasses presented on a rack. You buy these quickly and get back to your car.

Given how common this type of situation is, it is easy to see how designer sunglasses are more associated with utility than fashion. Nevertheless, this is actually a distortion of the true situation and the appeal of wholesale sunglasses on the market. Olympic Eyewear, bulk designer sunglasses distributors, stress that inexpensive pairs also have a massive fashion appeal.

Big Brand Sunglasses and Fashion Appeal

To see what that fashion appeal is, it is worth considering big brand designer sunglasses and the real reason they are popular. This is little to do with the quality of the sunglasses (although they are often very high quality) and is even less to do with how they look.

Rather, their fashion appeal comes from the prestige of the brand and the celebrity endorsement the big sunglasses brands often receive. A pair of Ray Bans are popular and expensive because the Ray Banlogo and whatever A-lister has just been snapped wearing them on the red carpet.They are not popular because they are exceptionally durable, effective, or even fashionable (although they might well be).

The Fashion Appeal of Wholesale Glasses

So, despite what many think, there is actually a massive fashion appeal associated with inexpensive wholesale sunglasses, and this is reflected in their popularity and the sales figures reported by those who stock them.

Most sunglasses wholesalers will supply sunglasses in assorted batches. This means that you can fill your sunglasses rack or ecommerce inventory page with a range of assorted styles, materials, colors, and so on. And you can do that all from a single wholesale order.

Customers love to browse all the wholesale glasses on offer – and that is usually diverse. Moreover, they are not only likely to find, amongthe many styles, a pair that appeals to their sense of fashion, but the low cost also means that they can pick up multiple pairs to go with different outfits.

This is the real fashion appeal of sunglasses and, if you stock them, you will see this handsomely reflected in your sales figures.

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