5 Tips to Merchandise Clothing in Fashion Boutiques

Are you ready to open the fashion boutique of your dreams? Merchandising your boutique must tell a story and persuade shoppers to purchase various clothing pieces that turn into functional outfits in their wardrobe.

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1. Trending Clothing in the Front of the Store

Evaluate the current trending clothing consumers want to purchase. Display on metal tables, wooden tables, or clothing racks.

Face out the trending top as a statement piece that the customer will first see. Beside this forward-facing rack, have a vertical rack of bottoms that match the statement piece. Dress a mannequin beside this display with the corresponding statement top and matching bottom.

2. Strategically Place Outfitted Mannequins

Speaking of mannequins, as a clothing boutique owner, you should always have a good stock of mannequins in your back room ready to dress! For each clothing collection in your store, have a mannequin that displays an outfit from it.

Mannequins bring an outfit to life before a consumer takes clothing pieces into the changing room to try on. They are the starting vision that triggers a consumer’s choice on whether to purchase a piece of clothing or not.

3. Accompany Trending Clothing Up Front With Promotional Items

While trending clothing will allure consumers to stay in your boutique and shop longer, you also want to give them great deals so that they are getting their money’s worth. Run a Buy, One Get One 50% off promotion on new blouses that just hit your boutique.

Alternatively, you can have shoppers pick a free accessory if they spend $100 or more in one transaction. Reassure that the accessory allowed is at least $20 in value so the consumer feels it is worth it to spend that much money to get the free item.

Allow a cash-back savings event once per quarter to gently enforce more sales possibilities. Host a promotion where for every $50 spent in your shop that consumers earn $10 in Boutique Bucks to come back and spend at a specific later date.

For example, consumers can earn Boutique Bucks for the first two weeks in April. Then, in the first two weeks of May, remind your consumers via email or phone call to come back in to spend their Boutique Bucks.

4. Accessorize Your Displays

Have accompanying display items that make a merchandising presentation look more alluring. Place a vanity mirror next to an accessories rack so shoppers can try on necklaces and bracelets before buying them.

Have a direct lamp light shining down on your best promotional items to attract more attention as consumers hop. Consider wooden hangers to hang your clothing boutique merchandise rather than plastic for an air of fanciness to the overall presentation.

5. Cross Merchandising

While you may already be cross-merchandising by pairing statement tops with matching bottoms in different parts of your boutique, take it a step further. Have a small display of three accompanying accessories next to a clothing collection that works best with the outfit.

Throw a hat on one of the mannequins and keep the hats on the other side of the store, so shoppers possibly pick up more items than they originally planned. This tactic is great for increasing sales.


Merchandising is a fun and integral part of running a clothing boutique. Try different methods to see what works best for your business!

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